Kawano Yudai


scenary from Long Ridge Lookout in Adelaide

My name is Kawano Yudai. I graduated from Miyazaki Universiy as Bachelor of Agriculture. In agricultural engineering lablatory I studied crop row detecting tech by image processing with C++ and OpenCV. After egg company, I stayed at Australia as working holiday. Then I studied Ruby and other tech like database, website system. So, I'm interested in both nature and machinery



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2017/04 - 2018/08
Egg company in Miyazaki
Production Management


weeding robot motion picture
2015/04 - 2017/03
Agricultural Production System Enginnering Lab.
Agricultural crop row detecting tech by image processing
logo of Miyazaki University
2013/04 - 2017/03 :
Faculty of Agriculture in Miyazaki Univ.
Majored in Botanics and Agricultural Mechanics


screenshot of this site
This portfolio site as resume and tech blog
:to learn modern JS
with Reactand Typescript
screenshot of miyazaki corona taskforce site
Miyazaki COVID-19 Task Force site
( OSS website )
with Vue.js, TypeScript
screenshot of code share web app
:to share code with syntax-highlight
with RubyonRails, PostgreSQL, AWS S3
screenshot of my 1st githubpages
:My 1st GithubPages
with Ruby, Jekyll
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Ticket sales System
:from the 2018 Autumn FE exam
with RubyonRails, PostgreSQL, Heroku